Country Center Dental provides teeth whitening services to our patients. Our goal is to help provide you with natural whiteness, and many discolored teeth can be treated at once. Often, our teeth whitening efforts will reach nine shades lighter than their original shade, although results may vary. Our teeth whitening process is safe,and does not soften enamel.

Examining your teeth and gums to ensure they’re healthy is the first step of the teeth whitening process. We then apply a whitening gel and place a special light over your teeth to start the process. Your teeth will whiten to a natural and optimal white over the course of an hour. This time may vary depending on your natural life habits. Whitened teeth can last for two years or more but certain habits can shorten that time, these include:

The process is often painless, although some patients may feel a dull ache or sense of sensitivity shortly after whitening.

To find out more about how Country Center Dental can provide you with Teeth Whitening services give us a call today.